Basic Support

Basic Support is a subscription service offered to qualified research groups who use DataJoint and require occasional or semi-regular support and assistance.

Price: $1200/year

  • Includes a free online "Interactive Course for DataJoint Practitioners" (10 seats).
  • Access to on-demand, targeted training workshops for novice, intermediate, or advanced practitioners:
    • on-site workshops: $1500/day/instructor + travel expenses. Each day includes six hours of instruction and interactive hands-on tutorials with the rest of the time for questions and discussion. Limit 15 students/instructor.
    • remote interactive workshops: $500 per 3-hour block (10 students)
  • Access to ticket-based priority support ($95/hour/engineer):
    • Assistance with pipeline design and execution
    • Assistance with local IT and database administration
    • Administration of cloud storage and servers

Managed Database Hosting (Beta)

DataJoint Neuro offers managed DataJoint-optimized cloud hosting for an additional $4,800/year introductory pricing. This service is an option offered to qualified groups with a Basic Support subscription.


  • DataJoint-optimized relational Database Server + object storage
  • up to 1 TiB relational storage + 10 TiB object storage
  • unlimited transfers in and up to 2 TiB / month transfers out
  • unlimited transfers to AWS compute
  • Database access URL <yourlab>
  • Secure connection
  • High performance and uptime
  • Unlimited data pipelines and schemas


  • User access management (10 users)
  • Snapshot-based backups
  • Availability and performance monitoring

Custom Services and Development

For more demanding projects, DataJoint Neuro offers development services to neuroscience projects under direct custom contracts. These projects commonly include:

  • Design of data science plans and data sharing plans for neuroscience projects
  • Integration with instrumentation and lab information management systems
  • Joint pipeline development
  • Web interfaces
  • Data export, migration, sharing, and publishing