The DataJoint experts

Our team is the principal developer of DataJoint® — a free, open-source framework for shared scientific databases and computational data pipelines programmed and accessed directly from MATLAB and Python.

We work with top neuroscience labs worldwide

We help neuroscientists use DataJoint to accelerate their research. DataJoint Neuro provides solutions for project planning, training, data infrastructure, as well as tools and resources for maximizing the productivity of individual labs and large consortia. We lead in providing comprehensive solutions for custom scientific data pipelines in neuroscience.

Committed to data integrity and reproducibility

DataJoint Neuro works closely with the NIH BRAIN Initiative U19 Data Science Consortium and Neurodata Without Borders to ensure smooth integration with the NIH BRAIN Initiative Informatics infrastructure.

Bringing scientific rigor to AI research

DataJoint has also gained popularity in AI research as a data framework for model selection and parameter optimization. DataJoint Neuro offers expertise and solutions to support AI research.

Lab grown

DataJoint Neuro is run by Vathes LLC based in Houston, Texas. Vathes LLC spun off from the Lab of Andreas Tolias at Baylor College of Medicine in 2017 after receiving initial SBIR funding from DARPA.